Day 15!

Another easy day at the library. Last night I didn't actually have enough battery life on my laptop to write the day 14 post, so we went to the Jasper Public Library to post last night's update while Caitlyn researched things for the rest of our trip. After that, it was just lunch, grocery shopping, and then back on the road again.

Jasper is nice: just as touristy as Banff, but with fewer actual tourists. The same could be said about the whole park, actually. Banff probably has more sights packed into a small space, but if you just want to go camping and see wildlife, Jasper might be the better bet.

Case in point: on our way up to tonight's campsite, there was a magnificent elk by the side of the road, so we climbed on top of Ursa and took some photos. These sorts of things happen all the time in this park, with the wardens frequently talking about "bear jams", with all sorts of tourists parked by the side of the road to get snapshots. I didn't include a photo, but there were some parents who encouraged their kids get way too close to this buck for a photo op.

We got to our campsite at Pocahontas early tonight, much to the delight of Caitlyn, whom I've been keeping up late these last two weeks. We got a nice walk-in spot away from all the other campers by the side of the creek, and it's wonderful to listen to the babbling as I write this. We went for a little hike to yet another waterfall, and even had time to make the most glamourous meal we've prepared this whole trip: mac and cheese with fake crab and a side of carrots!

Finally, as Caitlyn seized the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with a book, I took my camera out for another hike, and ended up on the precipice of an old mining site. It was truly exhilarating to be up there all by myself, feeling the whistling gusts of wind press against me, whipping the camera strap around as I took a panorama of the view. And walking back after the sunset, knowing that there's bears in this neck of the woods, the shadows certainly kept me on my toes, constantly prepared to pull out my bear spray or use my tripod in self defence.

And now, we're off to bed. Goodnight, friends!

June 25, 2018
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster

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