Day 19!

We moved into our new home in Whitehorse!

Okay, where to start? We woke up, struck our campsite, and headed into Watson Lake to check out their local attractions. I was amused to notice that the signs leading into the town which advertise which services they provide — lodging, gas, etc — also specify cell service. We're not in the parks system anymore, where being unplugged is kind of expected, there's just so few people up here that most towns are little more than a gas station, a motel, and a phone booth.

The major attraction in Watson Lake is their sign post forest. Back in the 1940s when the Alaska Highway was being built by American troops, they would put up signposts every so often pointing to the nearest towns, and one homesick soldier put up a sign pointing to his hometown in Illinois. The better part of a century later, and this is the only location where the original signpost remains, and it's expanded to 72,000 signs, as visitors purloin signs from their hometowns and hang them here. It's a bizarre sight, walking through trees covered in tin signs. I was able to find an Ottawa sign, and many other cities in Ontario, but no Toronto sign. If anybody comes to visit us, maybe you could "find" an iconic Toronto sign for us to hang? A "Jarvis/Garden District" sign would be perfect :P

The other attraction just outside of Watson Lake is the Wolf It Down bakery in Nugget City, where we enjoyed a wonderful slice of strawberry rhubarb pie!

A few hours later (and some tears as Caitlyn thought about how far our friends and family are) we finally ended up in our cozy new home in Whitehorse. Unpacking our belongings was pretty easy, as almost everything we own fits in the back of a Ford Ranger, but unpacking our feelings is still underway. We decided to order a nice pizza at the G&P Steakhouse & Pizzeria and enjoy a few slices down by the Yukon River, with the cloud shrouded mountains around us, and even a sighting of a cute fox across the river! Even the seagulls are cuter here, making cute little chirping noises instead of annoying squawks.

We still have a lot of work to do to make our apartment a home, and it's kind of weird settling down in one place after nearly three weeks of nomadic life, but our new home is already starting to feel more... homely.

We miss you all, but we'll be in touch! Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey during these past 19 days. It's meant a lot to us to read your comments and reactions, and just to know that you're all thinking of us!

Have a wonderful day, friends. The sun is shining in the Klondike!

June 29, 2018
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster

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