Day 4! We finally made it to another province! Welcome Manitoba!

Today's theme was water! After breakfast, we went to Kakabeka Falls outside Thunder Bay, which was a breathtaking send-off from Ontario. But before leaving the province, we decided to go for a little swim in Rainy Lake, since it was such a beautiful day for a swim! (And we didn't bother searching our luggage for our bathing suits 😉)

Once we got to Manitoba, I was quite surprised at how quickly everything got very flat and very straight, and Winnipeg welcomed us with a massive storm. It looked like we were driving straight into Mordor! As it turns out, driving in a dark, stormy, windy, unfamiliar city is quite nerve wracking!

Thankfully, Caitlyn's mom was extraordinarily generous and booked us a luxurious room in the Marriott tonight, and this was a perfect night for it! We're so thankful to have a warm, dry, comfy bed to sleep in tonight!

June 14, 2018
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster

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