It's day 6, and we covered a lot of ground! We made it almost all the way through Saskatchewan today!

Despite what everybody says about Saskatchewan, it's not really that flat. That prize goes to Manitoba. Saskatchewan is actually full of rolling green hills, and in many places looks like how I imagine Ireland looks.

But before we reached Saskatchewan, we stopped by Wolesley, a little town in Manitoba that advertised a swinging bridge from the highway, and I had a lot of fun making it sway from side to side :)

Once we crossed into Saskatchewan, we headed straight for Regina, where we spent some time in the Wascana Centre to stretch, and found a family of geese! Before leaving, we stopped by the Milky Way, where all the Reginans go to get their ice cream treats, and shared a Saskatoon berry parfait!

This evening's drive was an idyllic jaunt through the province's canola fields, bizarre snow-like sodium sulphate hills, and the historic architecture of Moosejaw, with blackbirds, mule deer, and livestock grazing by the side of the road.

We decided to sleep at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, and got here just in time for a picturesque sunset, before pitching our tent and putting on our bunnyhugs to keep us warm for the night!

Good night, friends!

June 16, 2018
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster
Photo credit: Caitlyn MacMaster

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